Saturday, February 21, 2015

A zombie at the table

Today a Zombie was spotted at Mr. M's space at the table.  He spent the whole day there.

It was funny to see the double takes from the littles through the day; and it was just a bit disturbing to some of us.  Mr. M thought it was great fun.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A snow day!

It snowed over night.  My big boys have been getting up every snowy morning and not only shoveling our walkways, but our neighbors' too.  They do this because they are sweet, but sometimes the neighbors pay them. ;) Little kids liked watching their big brothers shovel this morning when they got up.

This morning Miss A sweet talked Mr. S into taking her out to play in the snow for a bit.  This afternoon she gathered her snow gear and tried to talk anyone and everyone into taking her out.  Here she is trying to sweet talk Mr. R who had other jobs he needed to be doing.
Mommy, will you take me out?

As I was bundling her up to take her out myself, Mr. M came up ready to take her out to play for a bit before he went sledding.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's day

While we treated the kids to crepes for breakfast and heart shaped pizza for dinner; their Valentine to us was the best!  I found this note on the table in the morning.....

Yep, they pulled together to send their mama and daddy on a date!  Such sweet kids!  We had a great time out for lunch.  We have the best Valentines!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Science Olympiad Invitationals

This summer when we arrived in Colorado we went to a Homeschooling activities fair at the library to check out what groups and clubs were available in our area.  Mr. R was drawn to the Science Olympiad table and really wanted to get involved.  Miss E thought it sounded interesting; then she found out some of her friends were on the team and was even more certain she wanted to be involved.  They've been studying for months and got to experience their first competition this month at invitationals.   Miss E is on the Sr. High team.  Mr. R is on the Jr. High team.  We were so thankful to be able to have this experience before they head to regionals in March.

Rob took the "advance team" on ahead for the 7 am check in.

At home Miss A was so excited to find that she was wearing a shirt just like the "big" kids.  We headed out early too.

FYI, their shirts say "Future HSC Team Member"

All of Miss E and Mr. R's events were morning ones, so we had plenty of time to hang out and also observe some of the events that involved testing structures, gliders etc.
It is great to have Dad coaching many of their events!

This invitational involved 11 teams; all at the Sr High level.  Our team(s) were the only homeschoolers.  Miss E took 2nd place in Anatomy.  Mr. R got to compete on our 2nd team and took 4th place in his event.  Our Sr. High Team took 2nd place overall in the competition.

*We are so thankful to have had this experience before heading of to regionals where their scores really count.  They are so excited and are ramping up their study efforts in the hopes of doing better in their individual events.  We've been so blessed by the coaches for this team.  They work so hard and are so encouraging.  It's been a blessing to see these young men and women working together not just to do well themselves, but for the benefit of the team.