Tuesday, April 19, 2016

State Science Olympiad

After missing the Regional competition while recovering from birth I was really excited to watch the kids compete at State.  With both a slow recovery and a bad weather forecast we decided that it was best that the 5 younger kids and I stay behind.

Rob and the 4 competing kids headed up the afternoon before competition.  They stopped at Krispy Kreme on their way up and then enjoyed the pool at the hotel.

The little kids and I awakened to a winter wonderland.  We spent the day inside playing and I was super thankful that though the roads were bad a friend was able to come over and help with littles so I could get a nap....it had been a rough night.

The competition went off without a hitch and I appreciated getting some updates throughout the day.  Their weather wasn't quite as bad up there, but the call was made to cancel the official awards ceremony so any teams that could would be able to make it home safely.  Most of the families on our team opted to stay an extra night.  A few of the amazing moms on our team (they are all amazing!) put together a private awards ceremony at the hotel with dollar store medals and trophies.  Miss E (with her partner) got 1st in Disease Detectives (epidemiology) and 2nd in Anatomy.  Mr. R and his partner got 1st in gliders.  Mr. M and his partner got 1st in Scrambler (a wheeled vehicle with an egg on the front, get as close to the wall as possible without breaking your egg).  Our Sr. High team places 5th overall.  Our Jr. High team placed 2nd overall.  Good job guys!
As much as I would have loved to get my kids and Rob home safely that night, this was so much fun for my kids.  Imagine, being a teen and being stuck in a hotel with many of your friends.  What fun!  Even better?  All of the kids had their parents there so they couldn't get into too much mischief. ;) 

The next day they made their way home while we waited as patiently as possible.  Some were more excited for their arrival than others. 

When they finally made it home the truck got stuck right in front of our house.  It was REALLY stuck.  A friend happened to be out checking to see how the roads were.  He knew Rob and the big kids were gone and thought he'd drop by to check on me and the littles....his timing could not have been better.  He drove in just a few minutes after the truck got stuck and was able to pull it out.

What an adventure!  Once again we are so thankful to have been able to have this experience with our Science Olympiad team.   

Friday, April 15, 2016

6 Weeks!

Miss F is six weeks old now.  We sure are enjoying her.  She is becoming much more responsive to us, often giving out some very sweet smiles.  She's also growing very well.  She is 10 pounds 7 ounces....nearly 3 pounds over her birth weight.

She is always looking around watching all of the action around here.
She is still very much a red head though she does not seem to have the matching temper.

Miss J enjoyed reading The Little Red Caboose to our little red caboose.   Miss F really seemed to enjoy it and gave out quite a few smiles.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Random fun

It's been a busy few weeks.  Fun, but busy.  Even during our quiet moments I've been busy.  I love being busy doing things like foot rubs on my babies.  Miss A is often sure that Miss F would like a foot rub...While I'm at it maybe I could do her feet too?  She's always happy to grab the lotion.

We celebrated Mr R's "happy barf day" that's what it's called around here.  He has a reputation for choosing the junkiest foods on his birthday which often end up making him sick...hence the name.  Miss E baked and decorated his rubix cube cake.

We've had a few Science Olympiad meetings.  Sometimes the little ones get rather bored at these meetings, even though I do my best to provide activities for them.

We've had so much pizza in the last few weeks that the unthinkable has happened....the family is tired of pizza.  I'm sure they will get over it soon enough.