Monday, April 11, 2016

Random fun

It's been a busy few weeks.  Fun, but busy.  Even during our quiet moments I've been busy.  I love being busy doing things like foot rubs on my babies.  Miss A is often sure that Miss F would like a foot rub...While I'm at it maybe I could do her feet too?  She's always happy to grab the lotion.

We celebrated Mr R's "happy barf day" that's what it's called around here.  He has a reputation for choosing the junkiest foods on his birthday which often end up making him sick...hence the name.  Miss E baked and decorated his rubix cube cake.

We've had a few Science Olympiad meetings.  Sometimes the little ones get rather bored at these meetings, even though I do my best to provide activities for them.

We've had so much pizza in the last few weeks that the unthinkable has happened....the family is tired of pizza.  I'm sure they will get over it soon enough.

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