Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break

Daddy's two weeks off after Miss F was born bumped right up to Spring break!  We got an extra week off with Daddy home!

Uncle D started off our Spring break with a Pizza party.  Even though he is very far away he ordered pizzas and had a couple of movies sent.  What a very thoughtful way for a fun uncle to help us celebrate the birth of Miss F!

The next day we had dentist appointments scheduled.  Those were canceled when we couldn't even get a couple of miles down the road because of the blizzard that was just getting going.  We stayed home and had left over pizza and watched another movie that Uncle D sent.

Digging out the next day so we could have some fun....

We headed into town to go bowling at Bass Pro.

We did a jammie drill that night as well.  There was another storm coming in and we knew this was the last chance to get more spring break fun in.
Spring break blizzard #2 showed up and we were well prepared for at home/indoor fun including chocolate chip cookies.

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