Thursday, September 30, 2010

Binders for school

We're off to a slow start this year in school. Maybe thats because we've been so busy living life and learning as we go along? Things have not really slowed down, but we are getting back to school. We didn't really have an official "first day of school" like we have in the past, but instead we have just eased back into it.

Last year I tried something different, I made copies of all of the worksheets etc. that I thought we would be needing through the school year. That way I would not have to stop in the middle of things to go make a copy (I got the idea from Kendra at preschoolers and peace). This year I did that again, but put it together with another one of her suggestions- to use binders- and this seems to be working out well so far.
The big white binder holds this school year's work for my oldest three kids. It is all organized by month and by child. Each of the kids has their own binder (yes even Mr. S and Miss J have one, but they are not using theirs right now). Every month I'll place their assignments page (this lists expectations for Math and Grammar as well as reading) and their worksheets (spelling, word roots, puzzles etc) in the binder. My hope is that this will help us all in terms of having clear expectations, and also teach the kids some good time management skills. So far it seems to be going well.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More Banana Bread!

It was Mr. S's turn to make banana bread for us (I plan to make this a weekly thing, they will take turns). He did a great job, and enjoyed having the responsibility of making lunch for his family.
He even did the eggs! He carefully broke the eggs (and did not get any shell in the batter), was very careful not to make a mess, and he cleaned up after handling the eggs.


Part of cooking around here is also doing the clean-up. Mr. S did a great job cleaning up too!

The bread looked great, and tasted great too! Thanks Mr. S for making such yummy bread!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

church, lunch, family fun

On Sunday after Ellen's wedding we went to Cousin G's (aka Purple Cat) church. It was great to be able to worship with him and Gram (my Grandma), and even meet some of his friends.


After church we went out for lunch at a cute little French Deli. YUM! After lunch we split up to go about our days knowing we would meet up later. We girls went for a quick shopping trip to the Hanna Andersson Outlet, I think we had a bit too much fun.


Later in the afternoon Gram came over followed shortly by Cousin A and Uncle T. We celebrated Cousin A's birthday with cake and then just hung out for a while.


"Purple Cat" and My brother joined us later in the evening. We had a special of time visiting and sharing how we are growing and how are lives are changing. It was great for Miss E to have some special time with the family on her own. She had a wonderful time.

I missed Rob and the boys while on the trip, but Miss J's absence was noticed in just about every moment. I would have loved to have been able to bring her on this special girls' week-end, but it just did not work this time. She did have a good time with the boys though!

It seems things went very well for Rob here at home with the other four kids. I did receive a
picture text of Miss J in the back of a police truck (the neighborhood block party), and reports of Mr. M wearing capri pants to church (it seems no one noticed he was wearing Mr. S's pants, sorry no picture of that).

I was so happy to come home to my wonderful husband, happy kids, a clean home, and laundry mostly done! Well done Rob! Thank you for sending me on this special trip and for holding down the fort while I was gone! I love you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The big day!

I'd been waiting for this day for years! As little girls Ellen and I used to dream of our what our weddings would be like. We always knew that we would be there for one another's big day. Ellen was FINALY getting married! I was so excited to be able to be there, be involved, and help out on this very special day.

My mom and I got to do the set up/decorating for the wedding (giving us the GREAT excuse to be the fist ones to the venue! yay!). Ellen had everything so well organized and planned out so that though it was a big job it was much easier than it would have been had she not been so organized. Everything she put together looked wonderful!


By the time Ellen arrived we had enough done that I was able to spend some time with Ellen while she was getting ready. I was even able to share a special moment with her praying for her day and their marriage.

Miss E was even a great help with the flower girl. I think Miss E was missing Miss J because she jumped right in to help with two year old little Miss A. She helped by playing with her, brushing her hair, and getting snacks for her. What a great little helper!

It rained (In Portland? Who would have thought...), so the wedding was moved inside for a cozy ceremony that was still very pretty, and quite a bit warmer than it would have been outside!


The reception was great. Bill and Ellen made such a cute and happy couple and were so sweet with all of their guests. Miss C slept through much of the reception, but when she did wake up she was sweet and happy (for the most part, it was late though!).


Miss E spent some more time with little Miss A, as well as another Miss E that was there.


Thank you Ellen for letting me be a part of your big day! It was wonderful! You did a great job planning the wedding! You were a beautiful, joyful bride, and it was a joy to be there with you on your big day!

Bill is a lucky man (and he shows that he knows it!). Blessings to both of you as you set out on your life together!

A special trip

This week-end Miss E, Miss C, and I went up to Portland on a very special trip. My friend Ellen (who I've known since I was born) was getting married and I just could not miss that! Miss C had to come with me since I was still nursing. After some thought it was also decided that Miss E should come with me for some special mom time.

Miss E was excited to be flying, it had been about five years since she has been on an airplane. We had plenty of time once we got past security, and Miss E spotted a kids table with coloring books and crayons. She colored this picture for Miss J who likes monkeys!


Both of the girls did great on the flights up and for the lay over that we had. Miss E enjoyed watching out the window and even took some pictures!


My dad picked us up at the airport and took us to his house for a while. We had a nice visit and Miss E even got to learn a bit of welding!


Burgerville is one of our first stops every time we get to Portland. Dad took us there for dinner. YUM! My brother met us there, it was great to see him.
*yes that is my step-mom's dog in the picture. she is training a dog for "guide-dogs-for-the-blind, so he goes everywhere with her! He is such a good sweet dog.


My mom picked us up that evening and took us to her house where we would be spending the rest of the week-end. The next morning she wanted to take Miss E to Finnegan's toy store. The first thing Miss E did was to pick out toys for all of her siblings (even Miss C).

Then she headed off to the Calico Critters wall to pick out something for herself. What a special treat for Miss E!

Friday, September 17, 2010

baking bread

Miss J loves to help us out in the kitchen, so I thought I'd let her make some bread all by herself. I pre-measured all of the dry ingredients and put them in containers. Then I just set her down with a bowl, spoon, measuring cup and spoons, and the ingredients and let her go at it.
She worked so hard and took this job very seriously, she was making banana bread for her family!

After a while I switched her over to the liquids. Mr. M did step in to help her out a bit. He cracked the eggs and helped her stir.
Miss J was so happy to have been able to make some bread for her family. It was so yummy! Thanks Miss J!

*she wanted to take a picture of her bread all by herself, this is the picture she took.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I did not save too many of Miss E's baby outfits past the birth of Mr. S; since I had mostly given up hope that we would have another girl to wear them. I did save my favorites though. This outfit was one of them. I liked it so much that I bought it in 12 month, and 24 month sizes.

I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have a girl in both outfits at the same time! I am so blessed, and seeing them in these outfits was a big reminder of God's love and faithfulness!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

helicopter rides!

Yes, we all (well, not Miss C) went up on helicopter rides yesterday! What fun (and maybe a bit nerve racking for some)! A VERY good friend of ours, Mr. W, has a helicopter that he uses to commute into work. He offered to take us for rides, and Rob thought that was a GREAT idea, so plans were made.

Before going up everyone got a short lesson about the helicopter (we went up on an R44, but got to look at an R22 as well). We also talked about safety around and on the helicopter. Then we figured out logistics since not everyone could go up at once.


It was decided that the girls would go up first. Miss E was excited and was GREAT up in the front.


Miss J was excited and is a little thrill seeker, but she is two, so I sort of expected a change in heart at every step. It did not happen. She was thrilled as I placed her in her seat and buckled her up.She thought the head phones were great.
Her eyes lit up when the engine was started.

When the blades started whirring above her she looked up for a better view.


She had a HUGE grin on her face as we took off. I'm so glad I got to experience this special moment with her!
*Daddy, can I have one of these when I turn three?

Mr. R and Mr. M were up next. Mr. M is quite the adventurer and loved being up in the front. Mr. R is a brave young man, but prefers to have his feet solidly on the ground (like his mother). I stayed on board to help calm his nerves. Both of the boys were fun to watch. Mr. M was so excited and was looking everywhere at everything. Mr. R stayed calm and relaxed a few minutes into the flight and enjoyed looking at the many things Mr. W pointed out to us.


Finally it was Rob's turn to go up with Mr. S (and Mr. M stayed up in the front for a second ride). Boy would I have loved to have been next to Mr. S. I'm told he grinned and laughed through the whole ride.


When the helicopter was out for a flight everyone left behind just hung out under the wing of one of the airplanes that was out there. It was fun to watch the goings on of the field.

Miss C did not have a good time; it was loud, windy, and she was away from Mommy for far too long. However the rest of us had a GREAT time! What a blessing this was. We told the kids that most people never get this kind of a chance. It was very special that Mr. W wanted to take them up. We also let them know that because they are known to be well behaved, self-controled, polite children (even a child is known by his actions Prov. 20:11). Mr.W WANTED to take them up!

Thank you Mr. W! What a special gift!