Wednesday, September 15, 2010

helicopter rides!

Yes, we all (well, not Miss C) went up on helicopter rides yesterday! What fun (and maybe a bit nerve racking for some)! A VERY good friend of ours, Mr. W, has a helicopter that he uses to commute into work. He offered to take us for rides, and Rob thought that was a GREAT idea, so plans were made.

Before going up everyone got a short lesson about the helicopter (we went up on an R44, but got to look at an R22 as well). We also talked about safety around and on the helicopter. Then we figured out logistics since not everyone could go up at once.


It was decided that the girls would go up first. Miss E was excited and was GREAT up in the front.


Miss J was excited and is a little thrill seeker, but she is two, so I sort of expected a change in heart at every step. It did not happen. She was thrilled as I placed her in her seat and buckled her up.She thought the head phones were great.
Her eyes lit up when the engine was started.

When the blades started whirring above her she looked up for a better view.


She had a HUGE grin on her face as we took off. I'm so glad I got to experience this special moment with her!
*Daddy, can I have one of these when I turn three?

Mr. R and Mr. M were up next. Mr. M is quite the adventurer and loved being up in the front. Mr. R is a brave young man, but prefers to have his feet solidly on the ground (like his mother). I stayed on board to help calm his nerves. Both of the boys were fun to watch. Mr. M was so excited and was looking everywhere at everything. Mr. R stayed calm and relaxed a few minutes into the flight and enjoyed looking at the many things Mr. W pointed out to us.


Finally it was Rob's turn to go up with Mr. S (and Mr. M stayed up in the front for a second ride). Boy would I have loved to have been next to Mr. S. I'm told he grinned and laughed through the whole ride.


When the helicopter was out for a flight everyone left behind just hung out under the wing of one of the airplanes that was out there. It was fun to watch the goings on of the field.

Miss C did not have a good time; it was loud, windy, and she was away from Mommy for far too long. However the rest of us had a GREAT time! What a blessing this was. We told the kids that most people never get this kind of a chance. It was very special that Mr. W wanted to take them up. We also let them know that because they are known to be well behaved, self-controled, polite children (even a child is known by his actions Prov. 20:11). Mr.W WANTED to take them up!

Thank you Mr. W! What a special gift!

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  1. Very cool!! Jane with headphones on...she must be listening to The Wintons! Ha-ha.