Saturday, September 4, 2010

The county fair

Our county fair was this week. Friday was Military appreciation day at the fair (active duty military and their dependents get in free). Rob had to work, and we didn't really want to deal with evening crowds, so I took the kids in the morning.We had so much fun checking out the animals.

Our first stop was to see the rabbits. It was fun for the kids to see all of the different colors, and sizes and varieties of rabbits. Mr. S thinks he would like a rabbit one day. The kids were ready to bring one home when they got to the table of bunnies for sale. Sorry kids, not this time.
Next we checked out the chickens (as well as other birds). Again, we all enjoyed seeing the many varieties and their various colors, sizes and oddities. There was also a very large white male turkey. He was very puffed up and not a happy guy at all, but he did put on a good show!
Miss J was especially interested in the cows. We saw quite a few plain old cows, but we also happened on a 4H show. Those cows were PRETTY! Their hair shined and was perfectly done, not a hair out of place! LOL! We enjoyed watching them for a little while.


We explored a few booths and had some lunch before moving on to the fine art exhibit. We enjoyed looking at the paintings, sculptures and photos. The best part of that exhibit for the kids was the chance to work with some clay. They each got to make a little something and take it home with them.

The kids had been so good, and had not even made a peep as we passed all of the yummy goodies for sale. I thought it would be fun to end our trip to the fair on an extra sweet note. So first we stopped to pick up funnel cake. (I think this was Miss C's favorite part of the fair.) Then we picked up some kettle corn on the way out (The kids made sure they saved some for daddy!).

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