Friday, September 10, 2010


We were able to go to part of CVP's family camp this year! It was such a blessing and encouragement to enjoy some sweet fellowship time with this body of believers! We were able to enjoy time with friends we already knew and make many more new friends! I love how we all got to have the great fun and fellowship of "camp," but we got to do it together as a family!
The kids were excited to go camping. We decided to tent camp instead of getting a cabin. That was a bit rough with a baby and a two year old, but we managed and had a great time.

The theme for the week was "The fruit of the spirit" and we had a great song we were singing to help us remember our verse. The kids enjoyed taking a turn holding up the fruit for the song. *We were also blessed to have Nathan Clark George leading worship for us (and the Winton boys joined him as well at least once!).


Our friends planned some great games. Everyone young and old had a chance to play these games, and it was so much fun to watch (though I did spend much of game time inside feeding Miss C or watching Miss J). Mr. S was excited to do the sack race. If you know him, you know this was the perfect game for him


Rob pulled out his rope and much fun was had by all on that! I loved seeing how the younger kids and older kids interacted (during the whole camp). That is the great thing about not age segregating, everyone is used to being around each other and sees the value in one another!

Miss E and Mr R got up and told a joke at lunch time.


Rob took the boys on a hike while I took the little girls to the tent for naps, Miss E came along so that she could do some reading. I enjoyed some time talking with her too. After their hike the boys practiced a little archery (and I hear Rob gave some lessons to other kids too).

All of the kids enjoyed playing outside. They managed to come in for each meal covered in dirt! Boy were they having fun!


Mr. M played a guess the fruit game one evening.

We had an English Country Dance one evening. I did not get to stay for much of it since the little girls REALLY needed to get to bed, but Rob and Miss E had a good time while the boys played!


Miss E loves to play with her sisters and does a great job caring for them. It was so sweet to have her ask if she could take Miss J or Miss C to play.
Mr. M and Rob entered the foosball tournament. They did a good job, but the Georges beat them on the first game.

During some free time some of the kids did crafts inside.


Mr. M and Mr. S made a fort with a friend and I think I saw some battles happening when I was able to watch out the window.

We were not able to stay for the entire week of camp, but we are so glad we made the effort to go up for the two nights we were there. It was a wonderful time of family fun and fellowship with others! Thanks CVP! We can't wait to see you all again; sooner than later we hope!

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