Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby sewing projects

Today was just that kind of day.  Many of us felt the need to be productive, but not so much in the normal everyday things.  I've been wanting to get to a quilt I started quite some time ago for baby.  Miss A had fun watching the embroidery machine do it's thing for a while, then she asked to play with the button jar.

I was able to get all of the embroidery done on the quilt.  I'm now in the process of sewing the front, back and batting together.  I hope to get to the quilting before baby comes.  If not....I'm thankful that
my mom is always up for a bit of sewing when she comes. :)

Miss E thought it would be fun to look for some knitting patterns.  Maybe make something for the baby?  Miss A loves looking at the patterns with her.  I love that Miss E has just taken off with knitting.  Teaching herself how to knit and always challenging herself with new, more difficult projects and techniques.

I did manage to finish a burp rag to match the quilt.

Another blizzard!

It started slowly on Sunday afternoon.  On Monday there was a fair bit of snow and schools were closed, mostly because they knew much more was coming.  My kids did not get a snow day.  We had a make-up day after being sick for a week.  Some school was done and a fair bit of cleaning too.

On Tuesday even Daddy got a snow day.  There was so much snow.  Walkways and driveways were hidden under snow drifts.  The wind was blowing and the snow was coming down steadily.  It didn't stop coming down until evening.
This is Mr. S way out a the neighbor's driveway helping him dig out.  He had to get into work.

Snug and warm inside we played games and well....Daddy and Mr. M had a twinkie eating contest.  Mr. M had challenged his daddy; he may be growing up (and it was close) but daddy was the winner!

Wednesday morning brought a slow start to our day and sweet morning snuggles in bed.  Daddy was able to make it in to work with the 4wd truck that had chains on it.  He left the kids with the encouragement that IF he could get the minivan down the driveway that evening there'd be $20 in it for each kid that worked on that project.  They got that driveway cleared!
Mr. R and Miss J can be seen on either side of this picture digging.  Mr. M had just been there moments before the picture was taken.

Miss E made doughnuts for everyone.  While we usually just do the homemade doughnuts for the first good snow, this one was so big we thought it deserved doughnuts too. :)

Now that the sun is back out we've been enjoying our wonderful view.  We've enjoyed the slower pace that the storm brought, but we're ready to get back to our regularly scheduled activities!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sick days

It seems like every year around this time we get hit by some bug that knocks out most of the family.  This was that week.  Mr. K was the first.  Then Miss A.  We had hoped it would stop at those two littles, but it seems they managed to share.

Miss C went down next.  Miss A, having recovered, sweetly brought her a blanket, rocked her, and then "read" to Miss C that evening after dinner.

Next up?  The rest of them.  Mr. R, Miss E, Mr. M, and Miss J all went down at about the same time.  EVERYTHING got canceled.  Yesterday was declared a pajama day and today will be too.

So far Mr. S has managed to avoid it.  So have Rob and I, though I'm not sure if I may just have a mild form of what they all have.  As much as I do not like having us all sick I'm glad for the slower days.  I'm also thankful to be getting this out of the way now instead of closer to when baby is due.  Maybe we can stay healthy for the birth and recovery time?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

This girl

This girl keeps us on our toes, keeps us laughing, and certainly keeps things interesting around here.

She regularly gets herself all bundled up to let us know she'd like to go outside.  Any boots left by the door will do.  She usually picks the smallest ones there, but her's are always put away.

She's still a big time cuddle bug, often waking half way through nap time to come finish her nap in bed with me.  I'm thankful for the "forced" rest.

Miss A has noticed that with my growing belly it's harder and harder to sit on my lap or even just sit in the chair with me.  The other evening she dragged a chair over next to mine so we could sit close and hold hands.  She found this to be a good method and continues to do this often.

Her hair do took a turn for the worse when she decided to pull the rubber band out half way through the day.  It stayed like this for a good 10 minutes until she found a hat she wanted to wear and flattened the "do."

Not convinced we were really out of eggs at breakfast she scraped the serving dish clean.

Happy Birthday Miss J!

We celebrated Miss J's birthday this week.  It's been an extremely busy week and I'm thankful that Miss J had some very reasonable requests and expectations.  She didn't want a cake.  Instead she requested Miss E make some of her favorite cookies.  We also ended up getting everyone their own carton of ice cream that they got to eat directly out of.

Happy Birthday Miss J!  We are so thankful that God placed you in our family.  Your cheerful, adventurous, helpful spirit sure is a blessing to all of us.  We look forward to seeing how God grows these (and many more) gifts in you as you continue to grow and learn in Him.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Uncle D's visit

Uncle D was in the process of moving from one assignment to another at Christmas this year.  We happened to have some of his things that he needed to pick up in the process.  Yay, we got Uncle D for Christmas!

The kids enjoyed having an extra adult to have Nerf Gun battles with at Christmas.

On the coldest, windiest,  and most miserable day of his visit he got to help cook lunch outside.

I'm not sure how many games of Cattan were played, but his choice in gifts was obviously a hit.  He also wisely brought the Minion movie for the littles which freed up even more time for games of Cattan.

We hadn't gotten to the gingerbread houses before his arrival, so he got to participate.

We introduced Uncle D to our favorite burger place.  It met with his approval.

At his last assignment he was very limited in his shopping options.  He'd been wanting to try the Core's ice cream flavors by Ben&Jerry's and sweetly shared the experience with our crew.

Thank you Uncle D for coming to visit!  We loved having you here!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house (it seemed) every creature was stirring.  Maybe even a mouse?

We've never had a night before Christmas like this one before.  A certain young man had to be told a 1am and 2am to go back to bed.  Miss A climbed into our bed after that and promptly wet our bed.  As I was in the nursery getting fresh PJ's for her Mr. K sat up and thanked me for the cool car set; the one we set out under the tree unwrapped after he went to sleep.  I could hear Miss E coughing downstairs.  Later I found out that  Miss J was having a hard time sleeping.  Mr. M had asked Miss E if he could borrow her kindle because he was having a hard time sleeping.  Yep, it seems just about all of us were awake through the night.  So much excitement having Uncle D arrive that evening AND Christmas.  :)

Never-the-less ALL of the kids were up and ready to go at 6am to get into their stockings.  I heard the stampede at 6am on the dot.  I dragged myself from bed and was glad I did.  It's so much fun to watch them all discover the goodies in their stockings.  My favorite stocking stuffers?  The matching onesies for Miss A and baby that Rob got for me them.

Our day was a slow relaxing one filled with Nerf gun battles, games, play time with new toys, good food and lots of yummy treats.  The kids had all bought themselves Nerf guns earlier in the month and felt that Daddy and Uncle D should be able to defend themselves against our small army; so they got them their own. :)