Friday, January 20, 2017

Working at SpaceX?

Well, not yet.  ;)  But when your uncle works at SpaceX....

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Miss J!

Miss J turned 9 last week!  It's kinda hard having a birthday right after Christmas, but she's great about it. :)

Miss J is a thoughtful, cheerful, and encouraging young lady.  She's often thinking of and putting the needs of others first, before herself.  I see this daily in her, but also as she gave her birthday requests.  I had to coax some of the requests out of her as I saw that she was trying to make choices that were easier rather than what she really wanted....Eggo waffles and sausage for breakfast really was easy.  I was happy to drop Chick-fil-a off for her and the 2 other siblings that were at our co-op that day (while I ran errands with the rest of the kids).  Dinner was a joint effort between me and Miss E (Mr. M helped a bit too) to make a German food feast.  Miss J had requested a vanilla (yellow) cake with blue fondant; Miss C and Miss A helped put red and blue M&M's on to decorate a bit more.

We are so very blessed to have this spunky red head in our lives.  We look forward to watching her continue to learn and grow, and pray that (above all) she continues to grow in her love for God.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

The kiddos talked us into opening gifts on Christmas Eve.  We had a great time opening gifts and enjoying all of the toys, games, books, and goodies.
The next morning brought us a white Christmas and a stomach bug.  The bug wasn't too bad, but we all stayed home.  We played, plowed and just enjoyed the day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Treats and the zoo!

After our gingerbread day we got to work making other treats for Christmas.  Some of the little girls wanted to make Christmas Mice.  They didn't end up turning out so great, but they sure had a great time putting them together.

Mr. R made "muddy buddies" one of his favorites and daddy's too.

Miss E made up some sugar cookies and we had fun decorating them in the evening.

We took advantage of the zoo pass that great-grandma gave the kids this year and went up to see the zoo lights.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingerbread day

Today was our gingerbread day.  Miss E spent the day mixing up, rolling out, cutting out, and baking gingerbread men.  I did most of the icing, but I had plenty of little helpers too.

Mr. R and Mr. S spent the morning building gingerbread houses for everyone as well as themselves.  Miss E took a bit of a break from her gingerbread men to build her own "house."

Mr. M had a blacksmithing class to go to in the morning.

In the late afternoon everyone got to decorate their houses.

We even kept the gingerbread theme with gingersnap chicken for dinner.  YUM!

*We know that God is sovereign and that He directs our paths each day, but today He showed us that very clearly in the course he set for us.  We had dinner plans to go to friends' home for this evening.  In the morning they let me know that something came up and needed to reschedule.  We easily adjusted our plans and went about our day.  Around the time we would have been getting ready to go I got a call.  It was my neighbor.  Her husband had fell from a ladder and was injured, he needed help and she wasn't home.  Rob was out the door in a minute followed quickly by Miss E.  I quickly gave instructions, here at home to the older boys, and then ran over there too.  His wife was home shortly and took him to the ER while we took their boys to our house to play for the evening.  The boys had made extra gingerbread houses, so we had plenty to go around.  These little boys that had just seen their daddy get hurt got to spend a happy evening playing with their friends and decorating gingerbread houses reassured that their daddy was in good hands and being well cared for.

I'm super proud of my kids.  Everyone did just what they needed to in this emergency.  Miss E didn't bat an eye at being sent over to help daddy with the situation.  She helped with the little kids over there and also helped me get things cleaned up.  At home Mr. R did great taking over watching little ones (who also did great by staying calm and playing nicely), Mr. M and Mr. S took over my dinner prep and got it all in the oven.  We were thankful that God gave us this opportunity to serve our sweet friends and neighbors.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow day!

We thought we were just getting a dusting with our super cold weather (-8), but we got a bit more than that.  Mr. M was excited that there was enough that he could help daddy plow.

We cuddled inside and enjoyed Christmas Movies.

Later in the day a Nerf war happened downstairs.  Meanwhile, upstairs.... chocolate, White Christmas, and homemade doughnuts happened.  I was more than happy to be upstairs. ;)

Miss E even made me a Paleo Apple Fritter adapted from a recipe in this book.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas School Days!

This past week we've slowly eased into our Christmas break.  We're not quite off yet, but we're also not doing school as usual.  There's been a field trip (Just Miss E and Mr. a castle).  We've been reading Christmas books and watching Christmas movies.  We've even started pulling out yummy treats.
Miss F decided that this was yummy and finished off my mug.

We've been doing a fair bit of de cluttering and organizing.  We can get quite a bit done if each of us puts in 15 minutes a day.  Closets and drawers are cleaned out and organized!
The nursery closet was quite a mess.  We pulled all of their "treasures" from the floor of their closet and got it all cleaned out and put away where it belongs.

We've enjoyed playing some games too.

And there's also just plain old silly happening.