Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Miss A has been capable of walking for a week or two.  Out of the corner of our eyes we would see her take a step or two, but that was all she was willing to do.  Last night she really got going!
I was out last night.  This was the only picture taken.

Here is a bonus picture of her climbing onto the coffee table.  She was so proud. :)

Today she has been walking all over, even standing on her own from a squat.
I'm not quite ready to call her a toddler yet (she is only 10 months), but I'll likely have to in the next week or two.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sister clothes, ponies, Build-a-bear.... A morning with Miss C!

Miss C was in need of jeans.  I told her we needed to go shopping for some.  We headed out to Old Navy (with big sis Miss E).  Miss C found her jeans, and two matching outfits for her and Miss A.  It was all on sale, so I let her get them.  I love that she loves her little sister so much and want to encourage these bonds. :)

One of the matching outfits.

Then I told her I needed to run into the mall for something really quickly.  Miss E and I were smiling all the way.  We had a secret plan....  Miss C spotted Build-A-Bear.  What was that in the window?  Was it My Little Ponies?  It was!  Miss C LOVES My Little Pony.  Could we go in?  :)  Miss E and I were happy with this reaction/question.  This was our secret plan!  

When our little kids get $5 or more in cash I put it in my wallet (marked with the name of the child) so they can make purchases when they come up.  Miss C had a wad saved up, I split the cost of this purchase with her.

Miss C wanted to run into Target to look at their Pony selection as well.  She spent the remainder of the day playing happily and even sharing very nicely with siblings. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

10 months

Miss A hit 10 months last week!  Time sure is flying by with her.  She is growing like a weed as evidenced by her clothes no longer fitting (it's just about time to pull out the fall clothes!).  With all of that growing, it is no surprise that she loves to eat.  Apples, carrots and cheese seem to be her favorite foods right now.

With so many big brothers and sisters in various activities or needing appointments she's always on the go, and does not seem to mind too much.
all packed up for a long morning/afternoon out for a Science group meeting

She is always learning new things.  She can stand on her own very well.  Walking should not be too far behind.  For now she enjoys pushing her little stroller.
Miss A loves to cuddle and her favorite way to sleep is in the arms of her mommy or favorite big brother (yes, she does have a favorite).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pie night!

Normally this would be a Jammy drill, but since we were already out for the AWANA registration night, we went as we were.... ;)

Some kids were very serious about their food.

This end of the table was at least willing to look up for the picture.

Miss C loved getting to help take care of Miss A.

This little guy can always make my day with his great hugs!

Do you see the grin behind the fork?  She's swiping MY pie!

This guy was having too much fun with the shopvac earlier in the day.  Including reversing the flow and having it blow on his face.  The red splotchy look is the result of the fun.  Boys. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Garden of the gods and a picnic!

We started school this week.  We're starting off by studying Colorado a bit.  We made a quick trip to Garden of the gods on Friday.

Turns out that the visitors center is being remodeled.  Not much to see there.  We'll go back later.  The view was still great!

We found a little spot for a picnic after driving through most of the park.  It was quiet here, so could let the kids spread out a bit more. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

The first day of school!

We had our first day of school this week!  We even did school pictures first thing in the morning.

I had some special goodies for each of them in their space at breakfast.  I even found chocolate crayons!

Yea, Miss C is the crayon eating kid in the class. ;) 

Our first day flew by with passing out books, going over the schedule/routine and such.  We even managed to get to the park for an ice cream social to learn more about a local Homeschool Science group.  Mr. R is very excited about it.  We're all very excited about the coming school year and the many things we have planned.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Soccer game fun!

One of our neighbors is the Academy Soccer Coach.  We thought we'd head up to show some school/military spirit and enjoy some time with our friends.  I just love the views up there up in  the mountains.

We took our dinner up.  Everyone had fun munching and watching.

The kids had fun playing on the side lines.