Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

In celebration of Pi Day Miss E made some "Pie" cupcakes for a Pi Day party some friends were throwing.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Signs of spring

While I don't believe for a minute that we're done with snow for the winter, it is so nice to see (and feel) the temperatures rising, the snow in our yard is (nearly) all melted and the first bulbs are already blooming!  We've been enjoying this past week's warmer weather by heading out to work in the yard.

The older kids are working the ground to get it ready to plant our garden and preparing the little hen house for new chicks.

The little kids are enjoying some play time, but are also helping out quite a bit as well.

Our chickens are loving the warmer weather.

I loved enjoying our view while sipping my coffee the other morning.

One of the most exciting signs of spring?  New chicks!  Just a few; more will be coming later in the summer.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Science Olympiad Regionals

It's competition day!  Lets go check it out!

Playing with the robots a bit.

Miss C loved hanging out with her favorite buddy on the team.

Waiting for big brother's rocket to launch.

I think Mr. S would like to compete in gliders next year.  He is enjoying getting some practice in here.

While Miss E was testing and the big boys were playing outside the littles enjoyed some play time inside.

We enjoyed getting to watch Mr. R fly his glider.  They did a great job!

Waiting for the awards ceremony to start.  The ceremony is the best part.
Getting their medals.  Miss E and her partner(s) got 2nd in Anatomy and 3rd in Disease Detectives/Epidemiology.  Mr R and his partner(s) got 1st in Bottle Rockets and 2nd in Elastic Launch Gliders.  Both of our Sr. and Jr. High teams placed 1st all around for the competition.  This is the only Homeschooling team in the state.  I believe there were about 30 High School teams competing and about as many Jr. High.

***While it is VERY exciting to see them doing well and earning awards; the most important lessons are the long term character development.  Good sportsmanship and working together are stressed in this team.  Perseverance, diligence, and growing relationships have been great to see not only in these two, but in other team members and some of our younger kids as well.  We are so thankful for the leadership of this team that work so hard to make it successful.  What a blessing it has been to our family to come into this wonderful group of people and receive so much help and encouragement.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Getting ready for Regionals

Miss E and Mr R had been studying like crazy for the Science Olympiad Southern Colorado Regionals.  The rest of the family was is full swing support mode.  We were all super excited about this first real competition; especially after having experienced the invitational.

Miss A was all ready to load up the van.  This whole thing looked very exciting to her. :)

"What?  Cookies are involved in this?"  Miss E made some special cookies for our tea party with our special guest.

Nana came for regionals!  I had to run some quick errands Friday morning.  When I got home just before lunch I found this sweet sight....

Miss A does not go to many people and falling asleep on them is even less likely.

We stayed in a hotel near the venue.  Miss E and Mr R needed to be there super early.  Miss A didn't mind that mommy and daddy needed to get up early, she was happy to have the whole bed to herself.  Since Nana was there, Miss A got to sleep in and enjoy the bed a bit more. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snapshots from a couple of crazy weeks

Its been a crazy couple of weeks.  We've been busy, and had lots of fun.

She just loves him so much!

We had a couple of study sessions with TI calculators and probes that were on loan.
"What?  The kitty does not like me holding her?  Say it ain't so."
Miss E learned to French braid.  
Someone's hair had a run in with some scissors.  Lesson learned...When your hair is sticking up funny; use water not scissors or talk to mommy about it. :/
Cute kids hanging out reading.
Messing around after AWANA.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My brother Mom....

Mr. K has been joining us in saying prayers at meals and during family devotions.  His prayers sound something like this....

"Thank you God for my brother Mom, my brother Miss E, my brother Dad, my brother Miss C,  my brother Miss J, my brother Mr. S....."

It seems that all of the snickers, giggles and smiles around the table clued him in that there was something funny about this prayer.  Always one to enjoy making his family laugh he began to say his prayers even more enthusiastically.  I love that he loves God, is thankful for his family, and is a constant source of joy in our home.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A zombie at the table

Today a Zombie was spotted at Mr. M's space at the table.  He spent the whole day there.

It was funny to see the double takes from the littles through the day; and it was just a bit disturbing to some of us.  Mr. M thought it was great fun.