Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Flying and a flying horse?

We got to go visit some friends this past weekend.  We'd been trying to get this visit worked out for a long time, and we were so glad it finally happened.  They live a ways away from us in farm country.  He's a pilot.  They have a runway in their front yard.  Kids played all evening and the next morning while they waited for their turns to fly.

Right away Miss F noticed the airplane and was quite excited.  She started signing "horse" or "cow"  (it's the same sign for her since her fingers can't do the details of each one) every time she saw the plane.  We showed her the sign for airplane, but she insisted on excitedly signing "horse" every time the airplane appeared.  What a fun, big, yellow horse. :)

Most of the kids went up.  Mr. R and Mr. S decided they didn't want to go up.  I think Mr. S was just having too much fun playing with his friends.   Miss F seemed content enough to just watch.  Mr. M got to go on the last flight of the morning and help put the airplane away in the hanger.
What a fun adventure!  We're thankful for sweet friends to share adventures and fellowship with.

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