Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shaving? Already?

*Names will not be used in this post to protect the guilty ;)

To start off I must mention that while at camp the kids enjoyed getting to watch Daddy shave....

A few evenings ago one of our children came to us after everyone was in bed stating that he/she needed a bandaid for his/her knee. We were wondering what he/she had done. "Mom's razor fell on my knee and cut it." We thought that was odd, but strange things do happen. Child revealed this....
Yea, I wasn't buying the story at all any more. "Um, it looks like it more than just fell on you. Are you sure that was what happened?" Child answers with "well it got pushed too". We were getting nowhere and had no proof. We let the child go back to bed.

Later I found my razor on the bathroom counter, with hair the color of that child's stuck in the razor and soap bubbles drying in the back of the razor.... Yep, it turns out we had a curious little guy that learned quickly that shaving can hurt!

*Oh, said child fessed up after being confronted with the proof.

The concert!

Miss J had been waiting a long time for this... The Wintons Concert! She fell in love with the Wintons last year at camp, and the rest of us did too! They are a great family, have a wonderful testimony, and their bluegrass music isn't bad either!
We all had loads of fun listening, singing along to the songs we knew, and just enjoying a good time.
They called any kids up on stage that wanted to sing "Little Black Train" with them. Miss E ran right up with some of her friends.
Loads of pictures were taken.

*The Wintons left this week to start their tour for the summer. Check out their site to see if they are going to be in an area near you. They really do put on a great show, and their testimony is such a blessing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission Possible Camp- Day 2

Ah, day two of camp! The girls slept through the night before and were feeling much better! This was a better day.... other than the cold I was getting.... and the rain in the afternoon.

The kids always look forward to meals at camp. They enjoy getting pick their own foods in line, and there are always goodies or dessert!
We always headed up early for the sessions (Miss J wanted to be in the front row so she could see the Wintons better when they led worship!). This gave us a chance to check out the display tables...
listen to the Mr. Winton tune his guitar....
and just play around a bit.

A group of young adults put together skits based on true stories from BCI. They did a great job, even bringing some to tears, while other skits were so encouraging.
First up for our outdoor survival skills sessions was fire making! I was in and out for that one, but it looked like (and was confirmed) Miss J was the most helpful of the children! Good job Miss J. Boys, you better step it up a bit next time! ;)

First aid was a fun one, and I was able to participate in that one more than any of the others.
After our lesson it was time to practice our skills. Mr. S had been in a bike accident and the peddel had left a gash in his belly...
Mr. M's arm was broken.
Miss C spent much of her time at camp in the Ergo, especially outside. She took many naps in there too.
Miss E and Mr. R (who have always been more "indoor" people) enjoyed the craft room for much of the day.Some of our favorite young adults (and a little sister)! These "kids"are great! They worked hard at camp, most of them were leading the outdoor sessions (and had done quite a bit of research to prepare), were involved in the skits or had other duties around camp. They are all wonderful people, are a great encouragement to us and set a wonderful example for our children!

English Country Dancing!

The second night of camp we had an English Country Dance! These are always fun, though most of our family just watches (maybe the boys will be a bit more interested in a few years?). Miss E and Rob participated a bit.I watched the girls and enjoyed watching the dancing.
Um... Some found other forms of entertainment....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mission Possible Camp- Day 1

Our speakers were from Voice of the Martyrs and Bible Couriers International, both had some very convicting and encouraging messages to share. We are so very blessed and privileged to be able to worship freely here, but with that has come complacency.

The general theme of camp was survival skills, and our family enjoyed practicing ours and learning more! Our first class was "land navigation" which was map and compas skills.

After that Miss E started doing some face painting with a friend of hers.
Rob and the boys headed off to "shelter building." Miss J enjoyed the area that was set up for the little ones to play in.
In the afternoon we had free time for recreation. Miss E painted Miss J's face.
Mr. M did the "leap of faith" as did Rob.
Rob taught a knot tying class (the next day he taught two).
Most of the kids did the zip line!

Waiting for the evening activities to start....
Mr. R was checking out the BCI display.

The "police" in the Underground Church game.

*Miss J and Miss C came down with colds just as we arrived at camp, and Miss C was teething, so my time was spent caring for them and helping them participate when they could.

Monday, April 25, 2011

MREs and Ammo cans as centerpieces

Since camp had a survival theme going I thought that MREs, rope and Bibles would make great centerpieces; and ammo cans would make them even better!
My dear friend Rebecca was doing the decorating for camp, and we were honored and blessed to help her (and camp) out by making these up and bringing along a bunch of other military type things to be used in the decorating.

We needed to be up at camp a day early anyways so that Rob could get things ready for the knot tying classes that he was teaching for camp. It was fun to be up there working with some dear friends and being able to serve at a camp that was such a wonderful blessing to us last year!