Friday, April 8, 2011

Sensory bin

After seeing a couple of posts on this blog about the sensory bins she had put together, I started thinking about putting some of my own together! I figured this would be a good activity for Miss J, that Miss C would like to join her in it, and the Mr. S would be interested too. I'm putting a few together to rotate through the seasons and holidays. The first one is a spring one.

Since I'm putting a few of these together I went ahead and purchased the multi color packages of beads, feathers, and pom poms. I had several extra pairs of hands that were willing to do the sorting for me, so this saved me some money and allowed my older kids to be hands on in putting these together!

It has mostly white beans in it, as well as pastel beads, feathers, erasers with animals on them (these are buried), flowers, sunflower seeds, bracelets (also buried) and some scoops as well as a magnifying glass. If you do your own, make sure you choose items you can trust your little ones with. I also purchased a whole tub of jumbo tweezers since I knew I wanted a few. Now I have extras.... Any one want one?

The bin has been a hit with the three younger kids. It has been messy having them play with it at our little table. I think next week I'll start having the girls do it sitting on a blanket. I think clean-up will be much faster this way.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I have my boys play with it on a polyester tablecloth on the floor (the tablecloth just shakes off). I tell them if I see pieces going off the tablecloth it will be time to pick up, and they surprising keep it contained.

    I read your post about baking with the little guys (that Kendra featured on Preschoolers and Peace) a while back, and it really inspired me to get my kids in the kitchen more. Thanks!

    (I kept meaning to comment back to you, but I have not kept up with my blog much.)

    I did give the boys an Easter sensory tub today that I should probably try to get posted.