Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New diapers

The last of the new diapers I had ordered a couple of weeks ago came in last week! I had so much fun looking at all of the colors and prints.

Miss C was so excited to see new diapers, she sure loves her cloth!

I color coordinated the diapers in groupings of 4-6 diapers. This helps me organize them in the cabinet, keep track of what I have, and just makes me happy to see them nicely organized and matching!

The pastels are mostly bumgenius diapers, but there is also a Kawaii (the pink heart print) in there.
Animal prints! I picked up a couple of the bumgenius "noodle" colored diapers to fill in the animal prints. I'd like to pick up the Blueberry cow print diaper to complete this set.

Green/yellow- These are a mix of bumgenius and blueberry diapers. The prints and one of the yellow diapers are the Blueberry diapers, Miss C likes those the best (I think I do too)!

Blue/green/yellow- this is one of my new sets. I love the fun print, darker colors, and the fuzzy yellow minky!
Owls and giraffes- I just loved the new owl and giraffe prints when I saw them on the Blueberry site, so I picked those up along with several bumgenius diapers that I knew would coordinate with them. I also have this set in newborn sizes.

With this set up I'm very well set for diapers and can go a bit longer than I used to between washes. I've been doing nearly all of the diaper changes again, but my guess is that Miss E will start helping more in a month or two when my belly starts getting bigger. She was very excited about the new diapers as well.

My wish list is now very short, but there are a couple of things that I may decide to get; like...
a new wet bag for the diaper pail, I like the look of the blueberry cow print one.

a new small/medium wet bag for the diaper bag since the one I'm using is pink, but then I may just make one to match the diaper bag.

maybe a few more newborn sized blueberry or bumgenius diapers? Its so hard to know though, since some of my babies start out fairly big. I had/have quite a few that I used for Miss J and Miss C but about half of those are pink/purple so Mr. K will not be wearing those!

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