Friday, April 8, 2011

Rain gutter regatta

This year our Sparks AWANA club did a "Rain Gutter Regatta." Mr. M and Mr. S put together and decorated their boats, and were very excited to participate in this race.

Mr. S was just excited to be in the race, and we were pleased to see him improve with each race. He was so excited each time that he did not come in last (it was a double elimination race, meaning they had to loose twice before they were eliminated)! It was so cute!

Mr. M, on the other hand, did great from the get go. He was very self-controlled and steady in blowing his boat down the rain gutter. He came in first in most of his races. However with the excitement of knowing that the last race was for first place he lost that steady control and came in second place. We were so happy to see him work so hard, and it was a good lesson to learn in continuing with his self-control even in exciting situations.

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