Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Preparations

The next couple of weeks are very busy for us, but I want to enjoy our Resurrection Sunday. I want our whole family to enjoy the day (not just the kids), which means I need to do some prep work ahead of time so that I will not come into the day stressed and tired, but instead ready to enjoy a Sabbath day to the LORD and be refreshed and renewed remembering the great hope we are celebrating on this day!

Easter clothes have been ironed and set aside. The girls do not have matching outfits this year, too many cute hand-me-downs to need to do that! I did sew the skirt for Miss E, she is growing up and ready for a slightly "older" look, I found the sweater on e-bay. The boys are just wearing white button-down shirts and khaki pants.

*yes, Miss J and Miss C are wearing just about the same sized dress. The "bishop" dress just fits Miss J, but I just could not keep it in the bin for a year (it is too big for Miss C).

Easter breakfast is planned out, and portions of it are even made up and waiting to be pulled out of the freezer! I wanted to surprise the kids with some cupcakes from one of our favorite cup cake books (What's New, Cupcake?). that has been one of those "easier said than done" things this time. While making egg shells out of melting chocolates in plastic Easter eggs sounds easy enough, getting them out is not quite so simple. I'm glad I'm figuring this out now, and not the night before!

Most importantly we are preparing our hearts. We've been reading "Amon's Adventure" a follow up to "Jotham's Journey" an Advent story we read at Christmas. Both of the books really encouraged us to think about the scriptures, focus on our reason for celebrating, and search our own hearts. These books have been quite the blessing to our family, and we are all excited every morning to listen to daddy reading a new chapter (most kids even begging for another one!).

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