Monday, April 25, 2011

MREs and Ammo cans as centerpieces

Since camp had a survival theme going I thought that MREs, rope and Bibles would make great centerpieces; and ammo cans would make them even better!
My dear friend Rebecca was doing the decorating for camp, and we were honored and blessed to help her (and camp) out by making these up and bringing along a bunch of other military type things to be used in the decorating.

We needed to be up at camp a day early anyways so that Rob could get things ready for the knot tying classes that he was teaching for camp. It was fun to be up there working with some dear friends and being able to serve at a camp that was such a wonderful blessing to us last year!


  1. Those centerpieces are awesome! I bet the kids loved them :)

  2. Cute centerpieces. Who would have thought ammo boxes could ever be cute?