Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow spots on baby clothes

Once we found out we were having a boy I was excited to start going through the bins of baby clothes to see what we already had. Most of the baby boy clothes have not seen the light of day in about six years....

I was disappointed to find that so many of the outfits I had carefully packed away covered in yellow spots!

Mr. S was a very "spitty" baby until we figured out that the dairy in my diet was causing problems for him, so there we LOTS of spots on my favorite outfits.

I soaked all of the sweet outfits (0-3 month size and 3-6 month size) in a bucket of water and oxyclean for about six hours. Then I put them through the wash on a regular cycle with no added soap.
They were looking better, but still needed help. So, on the line they went to let the sun work on those spots!
I'm very happy with the results. There are a couple that I think I can still see a spot or two on, but I think its a case of "I know its there, so I notice it, no one else will see it"

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