Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shaving? Already?

*Names will not be used in this post to protect the guilty ;)

To start off I must mention that while at camp the kids enjoyed getting to watch Daddy shave....

A few evenings ago one of our children came to us after everyone was in bed stating that he/she needed a bandaid for his/her knee. We were wondering what he/she had done. "Mom's razor fell on my knee and cut it." We thought that was odd, but strange things do happen. Child revealed this....
Yea, I wasn't buying the story at all any more. "Um, it looks like it more than just fell on you. Are you sure that was what happened?" Child answers with "well it got pushed too". We were getting nowhere and had no proof. We let the child go back to bed.

Later I found my razor on the bathroom counter, with hair the color of that child's stuck in the razor and soap bubbles drying in the back of the razor.... Yep, it turns out we had a curious little guy that learned quickly that shaving can hurt!

*Oh, said child fessed up after being confronted with the proof.

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