Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. S!

Mr S turned 6! He got up bright and early excited to open his gifts. Turns out there were really no gifts for him....

they all seemed to be for his hamster!

His siblings had purchased some treats for Army (the hamster) and we had bought a new cage with levels and tubes that Mr. S had been eyeing. Nana sent some adds on for the cage! (He did have some other gifts that trickled in the past week too).
Mr. S got to spend the day playing with one his favorite families in town. The moms had been trying to figure out a good day to get together for a sewing day (both of us are having babies soon, and both families are moving soon after the births. We're trying to finish some projects before things get really crazy!) this was the day that worked for both families. They had a birthday kid in their family too, so the kids and dads had one big party all day while the moms sewed at the other home!
We were all together for dinner, Mr. S's choice of Chinese food was a hit with everyone!

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