Friday, May 6, 2011

May move to-do list

Its May! I'm at the end of the second trimester and still feeling fairly good, now is the time to get some projects done! I have the added bonus (maybe?) of having a friend in a very similar situation of having a baby (her 5th) and moving weeks later, so we've been encouraging one another in preparing our homes/families and finishing some projects.

Here is my to-do list for this month

Pack Fall Clothes- I may skip this one since we are moving to Arizona and will not need Fall clothes right away. I have sorted through what we have and made up my list of needs. The intent had been to pack a bin of fall clothes to put in our trailer for the move thinking that we may need them when we arrived at our new home; I'm not going to stress about this one getting done.

Make list of easy meals- Sometimes its just so hard to think on the go. I'm making up a list of simple meals, the ingredients needed as well as ANY equipment needed to make these meals. This will help keep us from eating out too much during the move process, and will make grocery shopping easier. Crockpots will be my friends during this time (and when are they not?). =)

Kitchen packing list- I'll make up a packing list to go with the above list. That way I will not have to think the day before the movers arrive and I'm trying to do 100 other things and care for a newborn. My kids will be able to go down the list and pack it all in the bin if needed!

Toy bin- I'll start collecting small toys/activities to put in a bin for the move. What I can't put in now I'll put on a list in the bin to pack up at the last minute. Again, the thinking is done ahead of time so this can be finished by just about anyone in the family that can read!

De-clutter- This is the big one this month! While I would like to do this again closer to the move I'm not sure I'll be up to it. I hope to get to School bookshelves, garage, bedrooms, and the study/playroom this month. Yes, that is one area each week.

Sewing- I have some big-ish projects I'd like to get to this month including finishing up the winter PJ's, skirts for Miss E, sew some wet bags, and a wallet for me that matches my diaper bag!


  1. Moving while pregnant? Wow! Sounds like you're a superhero :) I am pregnant with twins (my 8th and 9th babies) and am having a hard enough time just keeping the house clean and my husband and kids fed! Best of luck.

  2. No, this time I'm moving with a newborn (baby should be about six weeks when we move), though I have had to move twice while pregnant! It is a struggle to keep up with it all, but God is good and gives strength when we need it!