Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu plan

Since KimC over at is asking for some bean recipes, and this week's menu includes two bean meals, I thought I'd post our menu for the week. I'll link to her blog and Menu Plan Monday at as well.

Monday- Burgers, salad, homemade fries

Tuesday- BBQ chicken cooked up in the crockpot while we run errands! We will have salad and acorn squash (cooked in crockpot too?), and maybe mashed potatoes.

Wednesday- Tacos! I make our taco filling out of rice and lentils (sometimes I add a little meat), I often add refried beans to help it all stick in the kids' tacos (helps keep it from getting too messy/losing all of the filling). To make this up I just cook up rice as I normally would, but I add taco seasoning and sometimes an onion, same with the lentils. Then I mix them all together (I often make a huge batch of this and freeze several meals worth). Continue making up your tacos as your family prefers!

Thursday- Black beans and rice. Several of my kids ask for this meal regularly, and its so simple. I just cook up a couple of cups of dry black beans, adding a bit of "black bean seasoning" that comes in those bags (or not, my kids actually like it better with no seasoning), and a chopped onion. I let it simmer on the stove for a couple hours or all day in a crockpot. Closer to meal time I cook up the rice. I chop up some pre-cooked smoked sausage and add that in about 30 before we are going to eat (I think this is what my kids like best, but they are happy to eat the beans along with it!). Serve beans over or next to the rice. We serve salad with this.

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