Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indoor sandbox/sensory bin

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The first sensory bin that I made a couple of months ago was such a hit with my girls (and even the older kids too!), that I knew they would LOVE this one! Its an indoor sandbox, complete with some buried treasure, rocks, and shells!

First I put a couple of inches of sand in the bottom of the bin, and added some fun colorful sea shapes and some "treasure" (a couple of bracelets).

Then I added more sand and arranged some pretty rocks, shells and tools on the top. Thats it! It is done! The hard work was heading into HomeDepot with six kids in tow to get a 50 lb. bag of sand. We hardly made a dent in it, but it seems my hubby has some uses for it...

The girls were so excited to get to play in this!

A blanket under them is a MUST on this one, just look at all of that sand! This is not one for the table top!
If you have a handy little vacuum that is good for small jobs your kids can clean up any mess that makes it off of the blanket too! Miss J likes this part of clean up!



  1. How fun! Menards carries colored sand in smaller bags that you would only need 1 of and that would alter the look too!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Michelle, and for leaving a comment!

    We don't have Menards around here... I thought about the smaller bags too though. We don't have many options in this small town and the small bags at our local store were about 2/3 the cost of the big bag. I would have needed several of the small bags to have enough for the bin. I wanted this to be a fairly inexpensive activity so the low cost option won!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site! This looks like so much fun. I would be really nice for in the winter when the kids can't play outside in the sandbox!

  4. Thank you for stopping by! We got to enjoy our elder and lovely family this weekend, a little taste of CVP! :)

    Love the sandbox idea, not to mention the quilt underneath. When my girls were little they had a bucket of cooking things (measuring cups and the like) and containers of dried rice and beans. They'd play 'kitchen' on the kitchen floor and the overspill would get swept up and dropped back into the bucket. So quick and they'd be happy for hours.

    I think we're in the CVP directory. While we are 2 hours north of where you'll be, if you could use a hand or anything, don't hesitate to call!