Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A servant's heart

We try hard to help our children learn to have servant's hearts. We want them to love serving others, and the best place for that to start is in our home. Miss C seems to be getting the hang of this serving thing. She loves to help out in any way that she can, and has recently even been found to bring blankets to siblings when they are sitting in a chair, just incase they may need one!

The other day she saw a pile of napkins that were needing to be folded. She sat right down and got to work! She must have spent at least 5 minutes carefully shaking them out and arranging them. Eventually she seemed to realize that she just wasn't getting it quite right. We praised her for noticing that the napkins needed to be folded, for being willing to do the work, and for trying so hard. It will not be long before she CAN do this job!

How has she learned to serve and enjoy working? I think a big part of the answer is that she is watching her older siblings. They do quite a bit of work, and she wants to be just like them. They also serve her, and though she loves being served and cared for; I can see that she is learning from them to care of others.

*Of course she is still like any other child her age with plenty of fussy moments and she often does seem to think that the world revolves around her. She is not perfect you know! ;)

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