Friday, April 15, 2011

A week-end full of fellowship!

This past week-end was a fun one filled with friends! One family was in town visiting for a wedding, so we were able to have them over for dinner. It was a great chance to get to know the "M family" better. We enjoyed the fellowship, and it was wonderful for Rob and I to not only visit with the husband and wife, but their nearly adult children as well! These are the sorts of "children" we want ours to be growing up to be!
The little ones enjoyed playing together, and it was great to see the interactions between the little kids and the big "kids".

At the last minute Rob invited them to join us the next morning for breakfast. That was fun too! Then we packed up and headed out for a visit with some friends we had been planing to visit for a while now. Our kids (especially Miss E) had really been looking forward to getting to visit their friends. Rob and I enjoyed getting to know the "B family" better and enjoyed their wonderful hospitality.
It was such a blessing for us to watch their oldest daughter serve her family so faithfully with such a cheerful servants heart! All of the kids were great and had a fun time!

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