Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission Possible Camp- Day 2

Ah, day two of camp! The girls slept through the night before and were feeling much better! This was a better day.... other than the cold I was getting.... and the rain in the afternoon.

The kids always look forward to meals at camp. They enjoy getting pick their own foods in line, and there are always goodies or dessert!
We always headed up early for the sessions (Miss J wanted to be in the front row so she could see the Wintons better when they led worship!). This gave us a chance to check out the display tables...
listen to the Mr. Winton tune his guitar....
and just play around a bit.

A group of young adults put together skits based on true stories from BCI. They did a great job, even bringing some to tears, while other skits were so encouraging.
First up for our outdoor survival skills sessions was fire making! I was in and out for that one, but it looked like (and was confirmed) Miss J was the most helpful of the children! Good job Miss J. Boys, you better step it up a bit next time! ;)

First aid was a fun one, and I was able to participate in that one more than any of the others.
After our lesson it was time to practice our skills. Mr. S had been in a bike accident and the peddel had left a gash in his belly...
Mr. M's arm was broken.
Miss C spent much of her time at camp in the Ergo, especially outside. She took many naps in there too.
Miss E and Mr. R (who have always been more "indoor" people) enjoyed the craft room for much of the day.Some of our favorite young adults (and a little sister)! These "kids"are great! They worked hard at camp, most of them were leading the outdoor sessions (and had done quite a bit of research to prepare), were involved in the skits or had other duties around camp. They are all wonderful people, are a great encouragement to us and set a wonderful example for our children!

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