Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting ready for camp

We've been getting ready to go to camp around here. Every one is so excited to go, right down to Miss J!
Mom- "what are you most excited about doing at camp"
Miss J- "um... Eat, and eat and eat and eat!" Yep, she loves the cafeteria style dining, and the food really is good at this camp!
Mom- "anything else?"
Miss J "Oh yes, seeing the Wintons!"

While the other kids are excited about the food and the Wintons as well, they are looking forward to snow (yes, there is snow on the ground up there!), friends, and all the fun activities that camp always offers!

I've spent this past week packing up our suitcase full of camo (its a survival/army themed camp) and getting out all of the snow gear. We are also helping with the decor (more on that later) so we have been pulling all of that together. Rob will be teaching a class on knot tying, so he has been finalizing all of that.

We've also been preparing our hearts and minds for this adventure. While the theme is "survival/army" we will be hearing from Voice of the Martyrs and Bible Couriers International and learning about the underground/persecuted church. We've been reading Foxe's book of Martyrs, Tortured for Christ, and the newsletters from VOM and BCI.

We're all looking forward to some special family time, wonderful fellowship with friends, as well as some great learning opportunities!

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