Friday, April 15, 2011

Finished the PJs!

I finished sewing the summer PJs today! I was a bit surprised when the whole project kept moving along every day. I only spent an hour or less working on these each day, but every little bit added up to one big project marked off of my list!

Miss E was a big blessing to me on Monday by doing much of the pinning while I sewed. She does not seem too excited to take on full sewing projects on her own yet, but she loves to help me with smaller portions of my projects. I think this is a great way for her to learn, and in the next few years she will start bringing all she is learning together to do her own projects!

I made three nightgowns, two for Miss E and one for Miss J. Miss E helped pick the fabrics and made a couple of requests as far as style goes (no ruffles please!).

I made two full sets of PJs for Mr R, and one full set for Mr M. Mr M also has an Air Force shirt he wanted some camo shorts to go with, so I made those too. Mr S and Miss C didn't need any summer PJs made up for them this year.

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