Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready to sew PJs!

So, after sorting through, de-cluttering, and taking inventory of our summer PJs; sewing more went on my "move to do list." While this may not seem related to our move, any big project goes on that list right now. Besides, since I need to de-clutter my fabric stash this project does help with move prep and the PJs are "free" since I had plenty of fabric to make all of them!

Four out of the six kids needed summer PJs. Last week I cut them all out. Now they are all stacked up in the order that I will need the pieces, and lined up. I can sew them all assembly line style! Anyone think I can get them all sewn up in the next week? (yea, I don't think I can either, but it is nice to dream!). I'll sew these up on my serger, which can go very fast, unless the threads break.... then it can go VERY slowly. Once these are all done I'll move on to cutting out winter PJs!

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  1. I like that you are making PJs, and hope that the sewing part goes well for you. Such a fun project.

  2. Awesome! You seem organized. All my sewing is stuffed in a closet that I can hardly get to. Someday soon. Have fun!