Monday, March 21, 2011

Move to do list

Even though our move is not until September, and that may seem a long way off, I'm starting the prep work for it already. With the baby due just six weeks before the move date I can't really leave things until the last minute if I want to have some quality time to recover and bond with the baby! Slow and steady is usually how I go about such things, and I don't think this move should be any exception.

The first thing I did was get a binder and make up a list of the big things that needed to be done before we move. Each month before the move is the header on a piece of paper in the binder, and under it are the things that need to be done each month to keep us on track. I left plenty of room on each page to add more as things come up!
March was easy, it was mostly just getting the list done, and catching up around here. Future months include things like- School planning for the next school year, making a list of simple recipes and the kitchen equipment needed for them (to take with us so I can cook as soon as we get into our house), loading the trailer BEFORE baby is born and many other things like that.
I've also listed things like getting the kids fall/winter clothes and PJs collected. This is not such a big deal now that we know we are moving to Arizona. However; since we are not likely to be in our house until some time in October, and then I'll want plenty of time for settling in, it seemed like a good idea to have that taken care of ahead of time. I'm using this bin on our upstairs landing to collect winter PJ's. The pink paper is there to list what I've put in there already. Once I can see that each child has two pair of PJ's I can close the lid and be done with it until it gets cool there!
I'll just grab the bins of baby clothes in relevant sizes (that are already sorted and organized) to bring with me since it will be hard to tell in those early weeks how quickly this baby will grow and how soon we will need those 3-6 month clothes!

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  1. what a great idea!! :) I also became your newest follower! Erin

  2. Moving and pregnant - not the most fun combo, but you are making the best of it! Good job being prepared!