Sunday, March 13, 2011

40 Days for life

This weekend our family participated in the "40 Days for Life" campaign, run by the Coalition for Life. Over the last few months abortion has come up in sermons and other times, which led to discussions in our home. This prompted Miss E to begin to faithfully pray that God would end abortion.

At about the same time I read the book "Unplanned" which is the true story of how a Planned Parent hood clinic director's heart was softened and changed. She is now pro-life and working with The Coalition for Life. It gave me a new perspective on those working for Planned Parenthood and also the approach of some pro-life advocates. I would recommend this book for anyone (adult) on either side of the debate.

When Miss E heard about "40 Days for Life," she asked if we could participate. We thought that this was a great opportunity for our kids (and our whole family) to take a stand for life and to teach our kids that it is important to be active in our community in such ways. The closest "event" was over an hour away though, so it required a special trip to make this happen. I think that making the extra long trip showed the kids, in a way, how important this is.

As an added bonus we were able visit and have dinner with some friends who live in the area. Thank you, "U" family!

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