Monday, March 21, 2011

A rough week for pets

This last week has not been a good week for pets in our house. The goldfish started dying off one by one. This was not too unexpected, but still a bit sad. I think the boys are planning to get more next time we are running errands over by Petsmart.

The more difficult thing was when we noticed that the cats had not been seen for a day or two. About two months ago we started letting the cats be indoor/outdoor instead of just inside. They were so happy, but always going in and out! Every once in a while one of them would end up outside over night, but not often. Just over a week ago we noticed that we had not seen either of them all day. Where had they been? By the next day we figured we should put signs up. It seems that there are plenty of black and white cats in the area, because we've had many calls, but none have been for ours. Its not looking so good for our cats, but we're still keeping our eyes open for them.

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