Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Army" and the crew

We had several new additions to our home this week! Pets now outnumber the kids in our house!

Meet "Army" he is a "fancy bear hamster" and is dark grey. "Army" seems to be a good name for him so far as he is very active, likes to tunnel and climb the cage, and is fast! Mr. S is enjoying his new friend, and I'm enjoying having my "type A" kid busy caring for the hamster!

Mr. R and Mr. M were wanting goldfish. We pointed out that though they only cost 13 cents each they need food and a bowl. The boys would need to keep an eye out for a fish bowl. Those boys got so lucky! This week-end was the neighborhood bargain fair (a HUGE "garage sale" in the community center parking lot). The booth next to ours was selling a small tank for $5. They were set! They now have four goldfish in their room.

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