Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organizing PJs

The kids' extra PJs were getting out of hand (you know, the out of season or off size ones). I have two bins for PJs, one for summer (smaller) and one for winter. Both were overflowing, and I had piles of PJs on top of them. This past week I pulled them all out of the garage and de-cluttered the PJs.

I took inventory and realized I had a bunch of "boy" PJs that just would not do for little girls, and that I really don't need to be holding onto all of those PJs for a few more years, even if this baby is a boy. I'm donating 1 1/2 bags of PJs, and I was also able to bless a friend with some needed PJs on top of that!

Now the bins have plenty of room in them for storing all of the PJs that are in the house. I was also able to figure out what was needed for this summer (all larger sizes for the "big" kids and one nightgown for Miss J). Since I have plenty of fabric to make any PJs that are needed this summer I'll be sewing all of the needed PJs. In the next couple of weeks this is what I'll be working on! Then I'll move on to winter PJs!

It feels so good to have these bins cleaned out and not have to worry about all of that clutter! Now to work on the rest of the garage....

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  1. What a great idea..sewing PJs! Why have I not thought of that....oh yeah too busy sewing quilts! Great job!