Thursday, March 31, 2011

moving furniture

So, the other day Mr. M came down and asked if he could get rid of some things in his room and move things around so they would have more room to play in there. I told him that sounded like a great idea, but that I would not be able to help him move furniture, and he should check with his brothers to make sure that what he was doing was fine with him. A little while later I went upstairs to find the landing filled with stuff from the boys' room, including a book shelf!

Later I looked in to find all of their clothes all over, dresser drawers on the floor, and Mr. M attempting to move the dresser (with some help from Mr. R). "Um, did you measure that spot to make sure it would fit?" the reply was "Yes!" with a nervous look at the space they were thinking of using.... a little while later one of them came in to ask to use a measuring tape.
They spent most of the day in there, and I was impressed with the thought they gave to this project and the initiative Mr. M took in doing this project by himself (mostly). I'm proud of them for taking responsibility for their room, and how it functions.


  1. Wow that's great that you son took incentive on his own!

    Thanks to DH and your whole family for your service.

  2. Great job, Mr. M & Mr. R!!! Wahoo!!! Boy Power!

    Hugs from Sue B. & her son 'The Lego King'