Monday, April 18, 2011


Our older three kids have been in a speech group for nearly two years now and are doing very well at writing, memorizing and giving speeches. We have been very pleased with the progress they have shown in this group. Our younger three rarely get to go to speech because its an evening thing, so they stay home with me most nights to get a good nights sleep. However, this week Mr. S got excited about speech and asked for help writing and memorizing his own speech so that he could go too! Then Miss J wanted in on the action, so Mr. M helped her with a speech (introducing his speech!).
By the evening Miss C was getting in on the action and grabbing a piece of paper so that she could give a speech too! We had to reward such hard work and excitement by taking all of the kids to speech this week! With the promise of a piece of candy Mr S and Miss J each gave their speeches (Miss C joined Miss J at the front to give her speech as well!).

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