Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who is it?

We had the BIG appointment yesterday! You know, the ultrasound! We got to find out "who" we are having! We do our best to take all of the kids to this appointment when we can, and this time it worked out very well!

We came prepared for a long wait. I had just purchased some jumbo tweezers for Mr.S and Miss J, so I brought those with us as well a some black beans, cotton balls and a few small containers. That stuff kept most of the kids (as well as some extras) busy for about 30 minutes! Rob took all of the kids outside to play for a while since at that point the doctor had not yet arrived at the office.

When we finally got called back the doctor was great (as always) with the kids. He gave them a mini lesson on ultrasound, and how it works. He also pointed out and explained just about everything he was looking at.

Oh yea, the "important" stuff! The baby looks very healthy, is growing well and is.....

A BOY!!!!! We are very excited (though Miss J did have her heart set on a girl), and are working on the name. We usually have the name right away, but we are torn between two names that we like. We think we may have settled on one, but we are going to "try it on" for a week or two before deciding (and I suppose we have a few months to change our minds even then).

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