Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Night at the Museum

Every year our co-op ends the year with a Night at the Museum to showcase what the older children have learned.  This year they've been studying the middle ages.  It was so much fun to watch them choose who in history they were going to represent, work on their speeches and work out their costumes.

Miss E was Grouch whom the character of MacBeth is based upon.  She put together her costume.  She even made the head dress in her art class where she learned to make chainmail.

Mr. R was a peasant.

Mr. M was excited that he got to be William Wallace.  He even managed to talk Daddy into getting him a big training sword for his costume...I'd only let him have it if he was willing we wear a kilt though.

Mr. S was a knight in the skit his class put together based on Beowulf.

We had a tour guide for the evening who brought us from room to room to hear the speeches etc.  Miss A managed to get a bit ahead of us with some of the other kids when moving on to the next room.  When we walked into the room we saw her planted right next to Miss E like she belonged we left her.  She sat so quietly and nicely listening to all of the speeches.  It was great!

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