Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The big day!

I'd been waiting for this day for years! As little girls Ellen and I used to dream of our what our weddings would be like. We always knew that we would be there for one another's big day. Ellen was FINALY getting married! I was so excited to be able to be there, be involved, and help out on this very special day.

My mom and I got to do the set up/decorating for the wedding (giving us the GREAT excuse to be the fist ones to the venue! yay!). Ellen had everything so well organized and planned out so that though it was a big job it was much easier than it would have been had she not been so organized. Everything she put together looked wonderful!


By the time Ellen arrived we had enough done that I was able to spend some time with Ellen while she was getting ready. I was even able to share a special moment with her praying for her day and their marriage.

Miss E was even a great help with the flower girl. I think Miss E was missing Miss J because she jumped right in to help with two year old little Miss A. She helped by playing with her, brushing her hair, and getting snacks for her. What a great little helper!

It rained (In Portland? Who would have thought...), so the wedding was moved inside for a cozy ceremony that was still very pretty, and quite a bit warmer than it would have been outside!


The reception was great. Bill and Ellen made such a cute and happy couple and were so sweet with all of their guests. Miss C slept through much of the reception, but when she did wake up she was sweet and happy (for the most part, it was late though!).


Miss E spent some more time with little Miss A, as well as another Miss E that was there.


Thank you Ellen for letting me be a part of your big day! It was wonderful! You did a great job planning the wedding! You were a beautiful, joyful bride, and it was a joy to be there with you on your big day!

Bill is a lucky man (and he shows that he knows it!). Blessings to both of you as you set out on your life together!

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