Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A special trip

This week-end Miss E, Miss C, and I went up to Portland on a very special trip. My friend Ellen (who I've known since I was born) was getting married and I just could not miss that! Miss C had to come with me since I was still nursing. After some thought it was also decided that Miss E should come with me for some special mom time.

Miss E was excited to be flying, it had been about five years since she has been on an airplane. We had plenty of time once we got past security, and Miss E spotted a kids table with coloring books and crayons. She colored this picture for Miss J who likes monkeys!


Both of the girls did great on the flights up and for the lay over that we had. Miss E enjoyed watching out the window and even took some pictures!


My dad picked us up at the airport and took us to his house for a while. We had a nice visit and Miss E even got to learn a bit of welding!


Burgerville is one of our first stops every time we get to Portland. Dad took us there for dinner. YUM! My brother met us there, it was great to see him.
*yes that is my step-mom's dog in the picture. she is training a dog for "guide-dogs-for-the-blind, so he goes everywhere with her! He is such a good sweet dog.


My mom picked us up that evening and took us to her house where we would be spending the rest of the week-end. The next morning she wanted to take Miss E to Finnegan's toy store. The first thing Miss E did was to pick out toys for all of her siblings (even Miss C).

Then she headed off to the Calico Critters wall to pick out something for herself. What a special treat for Miss E!

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