Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Round up

Every year our church has "Round Up Sunday" to celebrate the church's anniversary. This is a big deal for the church, and it is a big deal to our kids! How often do kids get to dress up as cow boys/girls and even wear guns to church?
*yes, I made the girls' outfits and Mr. S's vest. The fabric was given to me by my MIL and as soon as Miss E saw it she requested a skirt out of it for Round up Sunday.

After church everyone heads out to the gym for lunch (tri-tip, sausage, corn, bread, and fruit). Then things really get exciting.

This year they had the mechanical bull again (last year it was missed), everyone that wanted the chance was able to go on it. Rob, Miss E and Mr. M were in the bull riding competition. Lets just say none of them won, but they did their best! Miss J needed some coaxing to get her on, but once she was on she was so happy (no they did not turn it on with her on it).



One of the men in the church works as a clown, so he brought his balloons and made fun balloons for all of the kids. There was also a cotton candy machine, which the kids were allowed to take advantage of.


There were two bounce houses outside. Miss J managed to get over her fear of bounce houses last week and I'm told that they had a hard time keeping her out of them when it was not her turn! I'm so glad she was able to enjoy them with her siblings! Even Daddy got in on the action!

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  1. Your dresses are beautiful!! I love the kids serious faces as they hang on!