Thursday, September 30, 2010

Binders for school

We're off to a slow start this year in school. Maybe thats because we've been so busy living life and learning as we go along? Things have not really slowed down, but we are getting back to school. We didn't really have an official "first day of school" like we have in the past, but instead we have just eased back into it.

Last year I tried something different, I made copies of all of the worksheets etc. that I thought we would be needing through the school year. That way I would not have to stop in the middle of things to go make a copy (I got the idea from Kendra at preschoolers and peace). This year I did that again, but put it together with another one of her suggestions- to use binders- and this seems to be working out well so far.
The big white binder holds this school year's work for my oldest three kids. It is all organized by month and by child. Each of the kids has their own binder (yes even Mr. S and Miss J have one, but they are not using theirs right now). Every month I'll place their assignments page (this lists expectations for Math and Grammar as well as reading) and their worksheets (spelling, word roots, puzzles etc) in the binder. My hope is that this will help us all in terms of having clear expectations, and also teach the kids some good time management skills. So far it seems to be going well.

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