Friday, October 1, 2010

A fun visit from new friends

A lovely family (the J Family) we met a few months ago at Jenness Park came to visit us last week-end. We were so excited that they took us up on our offer to come stay with us. It was so nice to have this opportunity to get to know them better. Our kids all had a good time getting to have their friends spend the night. It was a great time of fellowship for our family!

After a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning we headed out to a friend's ranch to play. The kids all had fun playing by the lake and going on a little hike. After a picnic lunch under a tree it was time to head home.
Once we got back to our house the kids pulled out the bikes and other outdoor toys. Since it was such a hot day the biggest hit was the "bottle rockets" that ended up getting everyone a bit wet! Hmmm, I think some of them even ended up VERY wet!
I guess since we met The J Family at Jenness Park our kids thought our last night together here should include a talent show! Our kids told some jokes and gave their speeches (that they had been working on for speech club) and then tried doing shadow puppets. Sorry, no pictures.

After church and then lunch at our house we all headed over to the park. This park is huge and tons of fun. All of the kids enjoyed the play time, and I think the dad's did too. The moms got to enjoy some more time to visit while the tired babies slept a bit.

Thank you J Family for coming to visit! It was great having you here, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


  1. Thanks H Family for the fun visit! We look forward to seeing you soon!