Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Toys

During this season of harvest and Thanksgiving I like to pull out toys and books that reflect the season. They are all on our little bookshelf in the living room (or in a basket next to it). We are learning a bit about the Reformation, so along with the books about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims, we have a book about Martin Luther and some other books about Reformation history. I look forward to adding to this small collection of books in years to come.

The Fisher Price "little people" are popular with all of my kids, and this Mayflower set is no exception. It can be hard to find "Thanksgiving" toys, usually toys for this season seem to be directed to Halloween, so I was so happy to find this set. The baby doll is dressed up as a pumpkin.

The gourds and pumpkin are quite a bit of fun for everyone. I've seen the pumpkin used as a drum, sat on, climbed on by the baby, and rolled around. The gourds are often being rolled around in a game of catch, explored by the baby, and even used as a toy gun. Some may dry nicely to be rattles. The corn is fun for the texture and color, but I'm careful not to let Miss C play with it unless I'm right there with her since the kernels could come out and cause a problem.

These DVD's on reformation history just arrived from vision forum along with the Priscilla Mullins book and dress (just the size to fit an American Girl doll, my old Samantha doll will be wearing it this year). We are looking forward to watching the DVD's and the girls were excited to have a new dress for their doll.

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