Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Family Homeschool camp part 1

Last year's Spring Homeschool camp up at Jenness Park was so much fun we did not want to miss the Fall Camp! We had so much fun there as a family and had some great fellowship time with others too! We enjoyed getting to experience camp without the snow of "spring" camp, though I did hear many sweet little voices talking about their hopes for snow again at camp!
After getting settled in we had some free time before dinner. We wandered around to check out the zip line, and the boats we also got to meet up with some friends from our last time at camp.

After dinner was the first session. This time the sessions were geared more to the younger crowd. The kids had a good time, and enjoyed the activities. Miss J loved the rat puppet and was excited to go back for the next session.

There was a fire every evening.

Every morning the kids got to make their own hot chocolate (including using flavored creamers).

After breakfast we went to "learning stations" this camp was on the senses. The first day's sessions were on touch (with a fun craft!), sight (fun optical illusions), and smell (fun visuals and a great "guess the smell" activity).

Being up late was taking its toll on Miss J, and she fell asleep during the first part of the "smell" session.

Waiting around a bit before lunch.

Miss E and Miss C enjoyed hanging out here before or after many of our meals.

After lunch I took the little girls to the cabin for naps. Miss E and Mr R ended up spending most of the afternoon in the crafts area, which was well stocked! Mr. S and Mr. M were off for some great adventures with Daddy! First up was the zip line! I wish I could have been there to see Mr. S (I got to watch Mr. M last time we were at camp).

Archery was a big hit.

Best of all was the go-karts! By that time I was able to join up with the gang and watch the fun. While others were coming and going a bit our family and the "J" family boys were sticking around and had many chances to race around the track. Even Miss J got in on the action! It was all fun and games until someone lost a wheel (sorry, no pictures of that!).

The kids hitched a ride with Mr. J on the cart. Camp is extra fun when your friends live there!

The activity at the evening session was making a paper airplane, Mr. M made the one for our family!

I missed the camp fire that night (little ones needed to go to bed), but I hear that our new friend Mr. S showed off his cool fire starting trick!

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