Monday, October 11, 2010

The Seven Silly Eaters

Our kids love the book - "The Seven Silly Eaters" - It is a fun book about the bad eating habits of Peters family children. As they come along one at a time (other than the one set of twins), they each develop a preference for a different food which Mrs. Peters lovingly makes for each of her children. Seven different foods every day is wearing poor Mrs. Peters out.... Warm milk (not hot or cold!), fresh squeezed lemon aide, homemade apple sauce, oatmeal (no lumps please!), homemade bread, and eggs (for the twins, one wants poached, the other fried). The morning of her birthday the kids all get up early to make breakfast for her. Each attempts to make his/her favorite food, but it all ends up mixed together in a big mess. They hide it in the oven (which no one realized was on) and head back to bed.... Can you guess what happens?

Since all of the kids love this book, I thought they would have fun mixing up the end result. There is no recipe for this, so I just made up something I thought would work as a yeast bread (since one of the kids insists on bread). We had fun making this up. Miss E read the book to us as we mixed each of the foods in as they appeared in the book.

Miss J was so excited to be making this that she sat in front of the oven watching the bread bake for quite a while. She finally got up when I announced snack time.

The result was three yummy loaves of bread, and a fun lunch time after running around outside for a while (notice the pink faces?).

I'm so glad my kids aren't such silly eaters!

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