Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gardens and pumpkins

This is the third year we've been to this farm in October. The kids always look forward to this harvest time trip, and I do too! This farm is really more of a park for the kids, and they have loads of fun playing and exploring.

The kid's garden is always fun. Miss E quickly spotted a white rabbit hopping around and chased it about trying to get a picture of it.

The boys spotted some chickens.

They have an "alphabet garden" with raised beds for each letter. It was so cute to see Miss E guiding Miss J through the alphabet (or at least some of it).

The labyrinth was passed over at first, but after exploring a bit the kids wandered back to it. It was fun to see them all going through it in their own ways.

After playing in the garden for a while we headed over to look at pumpkins and gourds. We ended up getting one pumpkin and several gourds as well as some decorative corn. These will all be for the kids to play with. These actually make some very good seasonal toys when the kids put their imaginations to work!

*Thank you to Mr. R for taking these last few pictures! You are a great helper!


  1. What a fun day and what adorable kids!

  2. Where did you go? We are thinking of going to one tomorrow.