Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A special visit

We had a very special visit from some very special friends this week-end. This couple has known Rob most of his life, and have become very dear friends to me also. We had a very special time of fun, food and fellowship all together.
They brought the kids a fun game. Miss E put it together almost all by herself. Everyone had a great time playing. This is a game that they have had their eyes on in the past and so they were THRILLED to get this.
We had a great time visiting while the kids played, and I made dinner.


Mr. M worked on improving his butterfly catching skills that afternoon. I think he said he had 8 in the butterfly house at one point! He is so good at catching bugs!

The kids seemed to think Mr. S was in need of some cuddles, it seemed that just about every time he sat down on the couch he ended up covered with kids! We enjoyed having them join us for our bed time devotions.


Miss E made chocolate chip cookies for us after dinner. They were not done until after bed time, so we let her stay up with us to enjoy some since she had worked so hard on them.

In the morning Mr. and Mrs. S joined us for Bible reading. Miss J was so happy to be able to sit with Mr. S again.
Thanks for coming down for a visit! We enjoyed having you here. Most importantly, thank you for being such faithful friends, and being such a blessing to our family!

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