Wednesday, September 22, 2010

church, lunch, family fun

On Sunday after Ellen's wedding we went to Cousin G's (aka Purple Cat) church. It was great to be able to worship with him and Gram (my Grandma), and even meet some of his friends.


After church we went out for lunch at a cute little French Deli. YUM! After lunch we split up to go about our days knowing we would meet up later. We girls went for a quick shopping trip to the Hanna Andersson Outlet, I think we had a bit too much fun.


Later in the afternoon Gram came over followed shortly by Cousin A and Uncle T. We celebrated Cousin A's birthday with cake and then just hung out for a while.


"Purple Cat" and My brother joined us later in the evening. We had a special of time visiting and sharing how we are growing and how are lives are changing. It was great for Miss E to have some special time with the family on her own. She had a wonderful time.

I missed Rob and the boys while on the trip, but Miss J's absence was noticed in just about every moment. I would have loved to have been able to bring her on this special girls' week-end, but it just did not work this time. She did have a good time with the boys though!

It seems things went very well for Rob here at home with the other four kids. I did receive a
picture text of Miss J in the back of a police truck (the neighborhood block party), and reports of Mr. M wearing capri pants to church (it seems no one noticed he was wearing Mr. S's pants, sorry no picture of that).

I was so happy to come home to my wonderful husband, happy kids, a clean home, and laundry mostly done! Well done Rob! Thank you for sending me on this special trip and for holding down the fort while I was gone! I love you!

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