Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just some fun around here

It's been great having daddy home and having time to just relax and enjoy Miss F.  Daddy has also had time to run errands or do special things with the older kids.  The van needed new breaks, so Rob took Miss J and Mr S with him.  It took longer than expected leading to some fun at Steak N' Shake!

Mr. M wanted to go fishing for his birthday (over a month away).  We had some good weather so daddy took most of the kids.

Miss E is in need of more night driving experience so one evening after the littles were in bed she drove a bunch of the kiddos to town for ice cream.

Miss A likes to get out and about too.  She's also quite independent and resourceful.  She got herself all ready to go outside the other day.  She found Miss C's fleece, Miss J's boots, and Miss E's hat.  

This makes me think of Paddington Bear; not just the look but the sweet innocence of trying hard to get it right....even though it's not quite right.  Oh, and she has a lunch box too. ;) 

Sunday morning snuggles.  I love how the kids come to check on Miss F and snuggle with her.  We're all so in love with her.  I think this is one of my favorite parts of having a large family....watching sweet relationships grow between all of these kids.  They don't always get along, but they sure do love each other!

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