Monday, September 10, 2012

September cupcakes

The cupcakes for this month were more along the lines of pleasing to the adult taste buds.  Unfortunately Rob was out of town and I had a sick little one, so these cupcakes never made it to the church potluck.

*Can you tell which one is the gluten and dairy free cupcake?

My kids didn't seem to mind too much though.  They got to eat a few of these and despite the lack of candy and sugar in general on the top of these the kids were happy enough with them.

Mr. K has had issues with dairy from birth, and continues to.  Since he is still nursing that means the two of us are dairy free.  I've been exploring the world of dairy free baking/cooking more and more as it seems that this may be a long term situation.  Throw in a need for me to be mostly wheat free and our meals have really been changing.  I was so happy to find a cupcake book with some great options!

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